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Where I can see my advertisement?

InfoElCoco is an email marketing system, each ADS goes directly to subscribed contacts emails

What ADS means?
We referred Ads as name for each email blast that we will send out to our database of contacts

Which what frequency I can send out my ADS if I purchase a packages?
Customers can suggest the scheduling of the ADS. this will be complished based on availability and need to be advised one day in advance at last. 

Can  I schedule my ADS on Sundays?

No, Sunday is the only day we don't run ADS.

What information I can to send  in my campaign?
You can send picturs, text, hyperlink and youtube video and we will create it for you or any electronic flyer or image format (jpg, bmp, png, pdf, psd, ai)

Which format need to be my information to send? Can I send a Word document? 
Any image fomat (jpg, bmp, png, pdf, psd, ai) and Yes also Word doc, we will modify for you the file in order to be sended with our systems


Can I add a link?

Can  I add a video?
Only a youtube link

Do I need to use all my credits for the same ADS?
No you can use for any items or information that you wish to advertise

How long my credits last?
Each packages will expired after 12 months starting the day of purchasing

Can I give my credits to another person?
Yes but we need an email with the autorization and the info of the person will receive your credits

I am subscribed but I don't see the ADS in my inbox
Please check in all your folders (spam, newsletter, other..) if the ADS are there please add as a safety sender in your email browser

I use to receive the ADS but now I cannot see them anymore

Please send us an email to and we will check or subscribe again in our website form

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